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Kenyon Style

We asked 17 students to show us their versions of Kenyon style. Here’s what they wore.

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Ezra Moguel '21

“One of my uncles worked at the storage facility where they kept a lot of Kiss merchandise, so he used to get me a lot of Kiss shirts, but I bought this one myself because it reminded me of him.”

Zoe Ali '19

“You know the late 90’s women? Like Jewel and Alanis Morrisette—if they would wear these clothes, I’m game. It’s sexy without taking off all of your clothes. They’re my icons.”

Greg Boyer '20

Maya Maharaj ’22

Sam Brodsky '21

“Kenyon influences me to wear more earth tones. Greens, blacks, browns. My high school style was more on the business side of things. I’ve come a long way.”

Elise Tran ’19

“I drunkenly found this jacket on Etsy over New Year’s. I think I’ve had it for a year or two. It was like twenty bucks. It was a steal.”

Julia Cullen ’21

Tariq Thompson ’21

“This shirt I got at WKCOfest. The little thrift shop lady was there and I was just walking by to go to dinner and I saw it. I was like, ‘This is the color. I need it.’”

Mathilde Van Doosselaere ’22 

“I think it’s just nice to look down and be like ‘Oh, okay, things are falling apart but at least I look nice today.’ That’s why I always have my nails done. So I can look down and be like, okay, something is put together. They haven’t been unpainted in 4 years.”

May Chen '20

“I was watching an interview with Lady Gaga last week, and she said ‘You know, fashion is something you can express yourself with, but at the same time you can also hide under it.’ I think that perfectly explains it. For me, dressing up everyday has already become a habit. So, even on Saturdays and Sundays, it’s the same. I wouldn’t dress down. I think it’s paying respect to the day that I’m living. I want to live it well. I want to live it ceremoniously.”

Elliott Henry ’20

Jeb Backe '19

“I’ve noticed the difference between how people come in freshman year and how they leave Kenyon… There’s definitely a very put-together dressing-down of wealth here, because I think people tend to be more concerned about showing it. I think about it all the time, how people that hang out together normally dress similarly, and normally then come from a similar class bracket. It’s really interesting.”

Alex Levy '20

“The way I used to dress was superfluous in gym shorts and gray t-shirt. However, I nowadays find myself in a grand assortment of colorful shirts and more expensive shorts that my mom buys me.”

Delaney Swanson ’19

Burke Irwin '19

“When I’m here, I can just let go and wear what I want because there’s not a lot of judgement in what you wear.”


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