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The Fall 2020 Issue

Volume 7 — Issue 1


Dante Kanter
Sam Brodsky
Managing Editor
Jackson Wald
Chief Copy Editor
Andy Kelleher

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to the 13th issue of The Collegian Magazine!

To say that this was a momentous year for American life is an understatement. COVID-19 and its resulting crises have made their way onto Kenyon’s campus and radically altered the way students learn, the way they eat, the way they form connections with each other. It even altered the way the magazine was made, leading to a delay that moved our Fall production schedule into the Spring semester. It is vital that this moment, and its precedents, be given their due time. In this edition of the Magazine, we hope to do just that. 

Within these virtual pages, you will find an assortment of articles on the American condition; we reported on the fight to shut down an ICE Facility in Morrow County, Ohio and stories on how the Kenyon community responded to the first semester back during the COVID-19 pandemic — on the Hill and abroad. The edition also contains a look back on the mass MDA trip from 1968 and a personal essay written by the Collegian’s Managing Editor about his semester deferred.

We hope you enjoy.

Articles in this edition:

The New Normal

Inside Morrow County Jail

International Students Grapple with the Pandemic, Abroad and at Kenyon

The Big Trip

What is Time Well Spent?


Dante Kanter, Jackson Wald & Sam Brodsky

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