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The Fall 2016 Issue

Volume 3 — Issue 1


Julia Waldow
Chief Copy Editor
Amy Schatz
Associate Copy Editor
Devon Musgrave-Johnson
Assistant Copy Editor
Frances Saux
Design Editor
Dani Gorton
Photography Editor
Jess Kusher
Photography Editor
Jack Zellweger
Mary Lauren Miller
Camila Wise
Anna Zinanti
Anna Zinanti
Business Manager
Mary Lauren Miller

Letter from the Editors

Happy holidays, and welcome to the fifth issue of The Collegian Magazine.

As we wrap up 2016, there’s a lot to look back on. The Olympics. Brexit. Orlando. The election. These have been times of celebration, struggle and grief. We have loved and we have lost. We have much to reflect on, but there is also much to look forward to. Going into 2017, we must never forget our commitment to each other, and we must never stop telling stories.

It is this commitment to your stories that give the Magazine its mission. As a longform journalism publication, we are committed to highlighting issues important to this campus. No matter where we stand in history, we must honor what has come before us, what we do now and where we go from here.

Two of the pieces this issue start with the past, to honor our legacy. Our “Out of Reach” feature reflects on the College’s early foray into aviation. As the only liberal arts airport in the country, Port Kenyon taught men how to literally reach for the sky and contribute to war efforts. “The Longest Line” reflects on a different time in our history — the election of 2004, when Gambier residents stood in line for 11 hours to vote. As we process the aftermath of our current election, we remember what our community has stood for, and honor its commitment to democracy.

Moving into the present, “Head in the Game” focuses on Kenyon’s efforts to provide protection and guidance to those suffering from concussions. While the College remains committed to students’ health, it also has further to go, in terms of providing equal access to care and accommodations for injured students.

Looking into the future, we bring to you two new segments — a photo story, and “Professor’s Corner.” The former, “I Never Grew Up,” catalogs the relationships students have with their treasured stuffed animals. The latter, featuring Professor Glenn McNair, explores the presence of police violence in years going forward.

Lastly, this issue’s personal essay, “Nature of Thought,” reflects on how we view human intellect and control in the force of larger elements, such as the outdoors and world at large.

Producing this issue has been an enjoyable challenge, but it would never live up to its potential if not for many parties. First, thank you to the College and local businesses for their financial backing. Second, thank you to P.F. Kluge, Ivonne García and Rachel Shaver for their invaluable support. Third, thank you to our fearless editors, writers, designers, illustrators and photographers, without whom this issue would not exist. And lastly, to you, reader, for making our journey worthwhile.


Julia Waldow

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