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The Fall 2018 Issue

Volume 5 — Issue 1


Justin Sun
Noah Nash
Art Director
Rara Gumbel
Copy Editor
Samantha Stahlman
Copy Editor
Cameron Austin
Copy Editor
Ben Hunkler
George Halliday
Caitlin Kennedy
Cover Design
Amelia Mott
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Katharine Weber
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Cameron Messinides
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Ulysses Yarber

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to the 9th issue of The Collegian Magazine ! Within these pages, you will find articles covering a diverse range of topics, all with the aim of looking in-depth at the small yet frequently strange world of Kenyon College. We venture into the past to one of the more curious sides of the Kenyon Review ’s history, and out to Mount Vernon, where the city is coping with a changing economy. After an exciting local congressional campaign ended in a loss this fall, we assess what the Kenyon community should take away from the race, and in our photo essay, we ask students what they think of Kenyon style. We follow a slew of recent changes to Kenyon’s nightlife. Our nonfiction contest winner, Jenny Tie, reflects on the story of a mistress her mother tells her over dinner.

Articles in this issue:

Learning with the Loss

Kenyon Style

Life after 105 Sandusky Street

The Mistress

The Kenyon Review and the CIA

Welcome to the (New) Party

We hope you enjoy.


Justin Sun & Noah Nash

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